We Create Custom Experiences for your Home

Bitsmith knows all about your home’s IT needs. We solve WiFi issues, install SMART lighting systems, design customized home and audio systems and can guide you through new computer purchases. We have built a reputation for providing customer-first solutions.

Whole Home Audio and Smart TVs

Before you spend hundreds or thousands on a new TV on sale, compare our favorites to yours! We offer honest reviews of current offerings and can breakdown marketing speak in to terms that tell you exactly what you are paying for with each model. When it comes to speakers, Bitsmith can get you running without any hard wiring, at the price point you are looking for. While you can spend thousands of dollars per room for a top of the line whole home audio system, you can also get great sound in every room for as little as $200 per room which puts it in reach of every homeowner. Once reserved only for elite homes in the best neighborhoods, our clients are surprised to find that truly synchronous whole-home audio has arrived at such affordable prices.

Home Network, Internet, & Child Safety

Demands and needs of a connected home are different today. With the multitude of “Internet of Things” devices entering the market, rock solid networking is required to prevent a frustrating mess. You need strong signal in every room and an upgraded controller that is designed to handle the additional connections and traffic.

If your internet is not working, do NOT pay for a service visit! We have the data and experience you need to prove you are not getting the service you expect from your provider which makes their repairs free. Few things are more frustrating than the internet going out at home so let our team help you prevent that from happening.

Computer Upgrades & Diagnostics

There is always one computer in the house that does not get used and does not get thrown away. Having Bitsmith take a look at these machines has reclaimed that space for families across Atlanta. We can clean up and revitalize computers that have seen better days, making them great at getting basic things done again. If it is really time to retire a machine, we can pull the data off of the machine so that you are not sending your personal information to goodwill or the dump to have your identity stolen down the road.

Home Technology and Smart Devices

If you are thinking about spending hundreds or even thousands on a new smart camera system in an attempt to be more connected to your home, talk to our experts first! We study smart devices day in and day out and can lead you in the right direction with your budget. The best systems do not just record what video around your home, but they can tell what is happening in the footage to intelligently notify you on any device when there is something you should look at.

Bitsmith believes that a connected home you forget how to connect in to is not all that “smart” at the end of the day. Reach out for a FREE consultation and discover what real smart homes can do for you.

Photo and Data Backup

Bitsmith has helped clients set up automatic photo backup for everyone in their family, saving their pictures in one master collection effortlessly in the cloud. Best of all it is totally free with no ongoing charges. They love being able to pull out their entire collection on their phones when family gets together and knowing how to easily put the pictures up on the TV. Memories are precious and keeping your pictures on some USB drive in a drawer somewhere is a disservice to you and your loved ones. Instead, easily organize, share, and cherish your memories with your family.


Think like a Pro.

Computer system has another virus? Quickbooks not working again? Will the Internet ever work consistently? And how much would it cost to fix all of these things?

Has it ever occurred to you that figuring all of these things out isn’t a part of your job description? It’s not. But it is a part of ours at Bitsmith, providing IT Technology solutions to businesses and households in the Atlanta Metro Area.