WiFi Woes?

Comcast and AT&T are responsible for keeping their network working, not yours. When ISP support falls short it is time to give us a call.

Do you use Netgear?

If you do, we need to talk. Sure, you can spend $300+ at a retail store on equipment with crazy specs, but you will still end up with home-grade hardware and reliability. Bitsmith will set up business-grade equipment that’s designed for speed and reliability. Have your cake and eat it without having to reboot your router to watch netflix.

Friendly Atlanta IT Tech Support

Home Network, Internet, & Child Safety

Demands and needs of a connected home are different today. With the multitude of “Internet of Things” devices entering the market, rock solid networking is required to prevent a frustrating mess. You need strong signal in every room and an upgraded controller that is designed to handle the additional connections and traffic.
If your internet is not working, do NOT pay for a service visit! We have the data and experience you need to prove you are not getting the service you expect from your provider which makes their repairs free. Few things are more frustrating than the internet going out at home so let our team help you prevent that from happening.